Friday, 5 September 2008

Keeping it Kitsch!

Hello my lovely Kitsch Chums!

Hope you are all well today!

Well did you have a productive team meeting last night or what!

Thanks to alamode, MFIPC, Fugsly and QueenBee92026 for being there!
Everyone else there is always next week! 8PM GMT!!!

So there was talk of getting our own forum last night now I'm not sure about forums mainly because i didn't have clue how to start one but the lovely MFIPC and her "man beast of a husband" (quote from MFIPC) have made it all possible and we now have our own forums!!

Visit, register, chat, post here:

I'm sure we all want to say a massive thank-you to MFIPC and her hubby for there hard work!!!

In other news........................................

The seller of the week feature will be posted on the blog on Monday thank-you to alamode for that!

OK that's it for now folks just a quick update.

Also for those of you who don't know, right now I'm the only leader for the team right now so any questions convo me or email me!

Pretty aka Amy

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