Saturday, 30 August 2008

The Saturday Update!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry we weren't all there for chat, but thanks for letting me know if you couldn't make it and we hope to see you next week. Thursday 8pm GMT!

So what else has been happening?

In other news ... A la mode stuff has agreed to be our first featured seller!

So we are gonna find out a little bit more about her and her work. Everyone will get a turn to be a featured seller if they want to.

Both of these posts will be posted very soon.

So it's all go and we're doing great for a new team.

I'm also trying very hard to get a treasury which will be kitsch with items from the teams shops.

Those of you who have tried to get a treasury know just how difficult this can be! LOL!

So there you go!

Keep it Kitsch.


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