Thursday, 18 September 2008

A selection of Kitsch!!


Ive been looking at everyone 's shops and I was just overwhelmed by the amazing artist we have in the kitsch team!!

Tonight I have 2 of our artists!

First off Paisley Chainsaw!
Her creations are amazing and truly unique! The colours and materials she uses are perfect in every creation!

This is one of her favs and mine!

This is what Paisley Chainsaw had to say about her holiday octopus:

"My octopus has enjoyed jazz a summer holiday and on returning from holiday has decided to try their hand at painting, I am sure they will be a hit with all of their new creations"!!!

Wow!! I love it!

You can buy The octopus at a very reasonable $20 in paisley chainsaws shop!

Click the link below to visit her shop!

Take me to Paisley Chainsaw's Etsy shop!

Next up Alliteration!
Here earrings never fail to make me smile they are spunky and funky!! She uses the craziest little objects and charms to make here earrings!

Check out these ones! Forks!!!

Heres what Alliteration had to say about her fork earrings:

"Not to eat with, just pretend :) everyone will love these little forks! "

They are gorgeous!!

You can buy these fork earrings at alliterations Etsy Shop for a very reasonable $3!!

Click the link below to visit her shop!!

Take me to Alliterations shop!

So there you have it! 2 of our 32 Very talented members!!

We will have 2 members each week pick there fav items and we will post them n the blog!!

Keep it Kitsch everyone and remember to Check back on Sunday for our next Feature seller! MFIPC! Its a good one!! Lots of tips!!

Keep it kitsch!

Amy xx

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